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Helping men better understand the ubiquitous and pervasive nature of sexism and systemic gender discrimination by encouraging them to explore the impact on their own lives of gender stereotyping and male privilege. Challenging them to ask themselves, “How did I really get where I am today?”


The If I Had Been Born A Girl podcast, hosted by Tom Waterhouse, features interviews with successful men – high achievers and recognized leaders in their respective fields. Focusing on key moments, influences and turning points in their lives, they reflect on the gender norms that have shaped them and the advantages they’ve enjoyed by virtue of being male, and how their experiences might have been tougher – or quite simply how things might have turned out differently – had they been born a girl. 

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We know how busy you are, and how difficult it can be to find the time to listen to full podcast episodes every week. Visit our collection of soundbites for an easily digestible alternative!


Knowing where to start exploring the impact of gender stereotyping and privilege on our lives is not necessarily easy. View the list of example thought-starter questions which we share with our guests ahead of the show as a starting point for their reflections.


We like to finish every episode of the podcast by asking our guest to complete the sentence “If I had been born a girl…”. You’ll find every response here – as well as a selection of statements posted on social media using the hashtag #ifihadbeenbornagirl – or, for that matter, #ifihadbeenbornaboy.


If you’re interested in exploring further, consult our curated library of resources on subjects relating to the aims of the project – books, podcasts, websites, articles and videos which address topics such as male privilege, gender equality, sexism and masculinity.

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